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of Conscience
for a Praesidium
A President Should . . .
Insist on audible reports
Lead the members on to God
Nurture the officers of the future
Prepare the worksheet ahead of time
Seek suggestions from all the members
Hold officers meetings every six months
Lead by example and possess great enthusiasm
Use the master and apprentice system of formation
Encourage good reports which are complete and concise
Encourage extension and recruiting by setting an example
Involve every member in the praesidium's work and concerns
Explain the Legion through the allocutios (not simply read them)
Utter no unnecessary words
Seek the support of other officers
Encourage participation at the meetings
Speak clearly and audibly at the meetings
Welcome and accept constructive criticism
Ensure that the members make use of notebooks
Remind the members to keep all cases confidential
Realize the privilege of being one of Our Lady's officers
Instill in the members an intense love for Mary and for souls
Demonstrate authority combined with friendliness and humility
Carefully prepare an allocutio in the absence of the Spiritual Director
Keep the meeting moving
Run bright, cheerful meetings
Rely heavily on prayer and sacrifice
Motivate, not manipulate, the members
Always think of new ideas and new works
Look on every member as an individual
Try to ensure that vacant officerships are filled
Delegate duties to the other officers and members
Make guests and new members feel especially welcome
Make sure the members do their work in union with Mary
Give an example of dedication and loyalty to the Legion system
See and serve Christ in others
Always think in terms of growth
Foster a family spirit in the praesidium
See that the four officers work as a team
Attend the Curia meetings with the officers
See each person's talents and make use of them
Pass the torch and not hold everything to oneself
Look on each newcomer as a potential Edel Quinn
Not assume that the members know the Legion fully
Act as if Our Lady was physically present at the meetings
See that everything is done as well as possible for Our Lady
Be aware that if something needs to be done, now is the time!