Father Lendacky's Allocutios
Auxiliary Membership in the Legion
Every Praesidium, therefore, ought to review in purposeful fashion its method of recruiting Auxiliary Membership and its conscientious care of its Auxiliaries.
Legionary Charity
The Legionary of Mary is frequently reminded that the virtue of Charity must be the predominant virtue in his apostolic work.
Praesidium Report to Council: A Praesidium Self-Portrait
The Praesidium, then, presents its Self-Portrait to the Council once a year, and it should be the most reliable source of information about the status of the Praesidium.
The Catena
The recitation of the Catena may very well be regarded as the battle cry of the Legion of Mary in its warfare against the Evil One.
Assignment of Work at the Praesidium Meeting
One of the least defined and described segments of the Weekly Meeting of the Praesidium is the Work Assignment.
The Praesidium Meeting - A Unique Legion Spiritual Exercise
The primary obligation of the Active member of the Legion of Mary is the attendance at the weekly meetings.
The Praesidium Rosary
It should not be surprising that the Legion of Mary puts so much importance upon the devotion known as the Rosary. In every meeting and assembly which the Legionaries attend, a most frequent devotion is the praying of the Rosary.
The Relationship Between the Legion's Weekly Meeting and the Weekly Work Assignment
The primary duty of an Active Member of the Legion of Mary is to attend the 'weekly meeting.'
Three Specific Textbooks of the Legion of Mary
The vocation of a Christian is no small gift, nor is it an optional responsibility. The II Vatican Council has insistently emphasized that it is the duty of each Christian to imitate Christ, and the Council has strongly encouraged every member of the Catholic Church to assume the responsibility proper to his state in life.
The Relationship Between Accountability and Reporting
The principle of Legion Accountability is solidly based upon a multi-layered foundation which is securely buttressed by tried and true experience, sound reason, biblical example, and eschatological promise.
Legionary Devotion to the Holy Spirit
Legionaries should be aware of at least four levels of union with the Holy Spirit. And to be complete apostles for the Gospel, Legionaries should cultivate that union with the Holy Spirit on all four levels.

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