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"Put thy house into order." (Is. 38)

Please spend three weeks reading the pages indicated and discussing the points in this checklist.

Our strength lies in our uniformity in the Legion.  The beauty lies in the variety of works and personalities within that uniformity.

WEEK I    Order of the Praesidium Meeting
                  Read:        page 32, #5
                                    (Refer to pages 189, 180, 185, 190)                            Comments
                  Time:        Does the meeting begin promptly?
                                    Does it last between 1 hour and 1 1/2 hours?
                  Prayers:    Do late-comers and early-departers silently
                                          recite the appropriate prayers?
                                    Are the opening and concluding prayers said kneeling
                                          and the Catena standing?
                                    Does the Spiritual Director recite alone the "Let us Pray"
                                    Are no additional prayers added to the meeting itself?
                  Other:        Is the Spiritual Reading taken from the Handbook or some
                                          other Legion-related book?
                                    Is the Allocutio a commentary on some aspect of the Legion?
                                    Is it spoken and not read?
                                    Does the President or some appointed member give the
                                          Allocutio in the absence of the Spiritual Director?

WEEK II    A Good Member
                  Read:        page 30, #2 and #3 (the small print of #2 may be omitted
                                          in this case) (Refer to pages 192, 84-87, 122, 32)
                  Discuss:    Do members recite the Catena daily?
                                    Do members realize their primary duty is attendance at
                                          the meeting and therefore miss only when necessary?
                                    Do members help the spirit of the meeting by listening with     
                                          interest to the minutes and reports?
                                    Do members make efforts to invite others to the meeting?
                                    Are comments made without interrupting reports or the
                                    Are questions and problems discussed in a spirit of humility?
                                    Do members recall that they promised a faithful service and                     
                                          submission to the discipline of the Legion-and that a
                                          good member is not one who has "success" in the works
                                          but who lives up to the promise made?

WEEK III    Report Giving
                  Read:        pages 182-184
                                    (Refer to pages 122, 230)
                  Discuss:    Do members use a notebook and prepare reports in advance?
                                    Do members try to make reports interesting including anything
                                          unusual or funny that may have happened?
                                    Is report given on assigned work?
                                    When assigned work cannot be done, does the member give an   
                explanation if possible?
                                    When assigned work cannot be done, does the member know
                                          not to "fill in" with some other good work done?
                                    Is the appropriate information given in the report: Work
                                    Are assignments done in the spirit of prayer?
          Are they done with the realization that the member goes out as
                                          a representative of the Praesidium?

Some details may seem small and unimportant; however, we cannot judge the importance of every detail when working for a God who is attentive to the smallest details of a snowflake, the numbers of hairs on our head, etc.  Let us imitate His attentiveness to the little things.  God Bless You.

Name of Praesidium:  _______________________________________
Meeting Place:          _______________________________________
Day and Time:          _______________________________________

Please spend the next four weeks reading and discussing the Praesidium Checklist in place of your Handbook discussion.  Keep the checklist and refer to it periodically throughout the year.

WEEK I: Handbook Reading: page 194, #21 & #22

_______ Is meeting place adequate?

_______ Is the altar kept neat?

_______ Are supplies available?

_______ Is the President's worksheet prepared?
_______ Does the meeting begin on time?
_______ Do members kneel for the rosary?
_______ Does each member use a rosary?
_______ Does each member pray the rosary reverently?

_______ Is the reading taken from the Handbook?
              (If supplemented, are Legion-related books and articles used?)

_______ Is the reading of a suitable length (i.e. about 1/2 a page)?
Is a junior assigned to lead the discussion each week?

_______ Do all juniors participate in the discussion each week?
_______ Do seniors make an effort not to monopolize the discussion?

WEEK II: Handbook Reading: pages 181-182, #7 (including footnote)


_______ Are the minutes written neatly in ink?

_______ Are the minutes complete and written in full sentences?

_______ Does the reading of the minutes set a good tone for the meeting?

_______ If the secretary is not present, are the minutes made available?

_______ Do members pay attention to the reading of the minutes?


_______ Are the records complete and up-to-date?

_______ Are attendance at functions and Curia meetings included?

_______ Do members have legitimate excuses for missing a meeting (i.e. family
              obligation, illness, etc.)?

_______ If members must miss a meeting, do they call the President?

_______ Do all members have punctual and regular attendance?


_______ Are the records kept neatly in ink?

_______ Is a Curia donation given every month?

_______ Is the November Mass arranged?


_______ Are the Standing Instructions read by the President the first meeting of every

_______ Are they explained to guests?


________ Does every member make recruiting contacts regularly? (What is the average 
                number of recruiting contacts per week? _______)

WEEK III: Handbook Reading: page 192, #19


_______ Are the reports adequate and audible?

_______ Do members begin their reports with "I was assigned to . . .?"

_______ Do members include the numbers of calls and contacts, the time spent, and
              the names of the place and the partner in each report?

_______ If two members work together, do they divide the report so that there is no

_______ Are comments made after each report so that there are no interruptions?

_______ Are reports (and excuses) called for from members who were unable to do   
              their assignment?

_______ Does each member use a notebook?

_______ Are back reports given when a member has missed a previous meeting?

_______ Is attention given to each report by all members?

_______ Is secrecy kept?


_______ Are members reminded to recite the Catena daily?


_______ Are the Allocutios given on Legion topics? (Are they given by the
              Spiritual Director or by the President?)

WEEK IV: Handbook Reading: page 187, #1


_______ Is specific work assigned by the President?

_______ Is substantial work being done?

_______ Do members make an effort to spiritualize the assignments?

_______ Are religious articles and prayer cards given out on assignments?


_______ Are reports of functions given?

_______ Do officers report on the Curia meeting each month?

_______ Are announcements made?


_______ Do members understand the Legion system?

_______ Do members show concern for the Praesidium?

_______ Is the President's control of the meeting and the discipline at the meeting

_______ Do members show respect for each other?

Rate each of the following as EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD, GOOD, or POOR.
_______ Attendance at meetings
_______ Attendance of officers at Curia meetings
_______ Attendance at functions

Please comment on any problems:_________________________________________



When you give a Praesidium report at the Curia meeting, please be sure to include the following:
            - membership (i.e. # of seniors, juniors, intermediates, auxiliaries,
              recruiting contacts, guests, vacancies)
            - Treasurer's Report
            - information about your weekly meetings - all of your works
            - functions
            - goals and future plans
            - attendance