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On the Duty of Extension
Do I leave all extension effort up to a committee or council officer?
Have I ever tried to bring in a new Active Member?
Have I ever asked a priest, deacon or religious sister to become an Adjutorian Member and thus enrich the apostolate with the added prayer of a consecrated soul?
Do I try to be generous in the Secret Bag Collection, knowing that its ultimate purpose is for extension expenses, the support of envoys, etc.?
Do I ever try to introduce the Legion to a pastor who has not as yet tried it, by lending him a Handbook and giving him other Legion literature?  Have I offered to call on possible members myself, if he will supply the names?
Have I been guilty of complacency and disregard for the growth of the Legion, even though I know that without dynamic action - on the part of someone, the Legion would never have been established in my own country?
Duties Toward Mary
Do I ever thank her for having called me to this apostolate while others, far more worthy, have not been so privileged?
Do I ask for graces for my fellow-members, for our Spiritual Director, for the President, in problems which arise in our praesidium, instead of criticizing them and complaining? Although the Handbook reads, "Legionaries should undertake De Montfort's True Devotion to Mary," have I neglected to learn more about this, even knowing that some of my fellow members practice it?
At the Acies, when I make my individual renewal of consecration, saying "I am all yours, my Queen and my Mother, and all that I have is yours," do I forget that my Legion membership is all hers, and that nothing short of the best is good enough for her?
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Reflections for a Legionary of Mary

My Legion Membership

When was the last time I opened my Legion Handbook at home and read it thoughtfully?
Have I forgotten at times my Legionary Promise and that it was made directly to the Holy Spirit ?
Have I forgotten the primary purpose of Legion membership -the seeking of personal sanctification?
Do I sometimes forget that I promised to "submit fully to its discipline" and frequently break Legion rules, or even make my own rules?
As a praesidium officer, do I frequently fail in my obligation to attend the monthly council meeting although no serious reason prevents my attendance?
Do I ever call to mind the words in the Concluding Prayer of the Tessera, "Grant us a lively faith, animated by charity, which will enable us to perform all our actions from the motive of pure love of You, and ever to see You and serve You in our neighbor"?
Have I failed to realize that this means the unattractive as well as the attractive persons I meet and talk with, in my daily life or on Legion visitation?
Do I fail to imitate Mary's modesty and simplicity in dress and manner?
Have I refused to accept officership because a bit of extra work is involved?
If the duties of my state of life would not suffer, has my reason for declining to serve as an officer been directed by disinclination to attend monthly council meetings?

At the Weekly Meeting

Do I regard the meeting as an appointment with Our Lady?  Does my attendance record reflect this?a
Do I attend the meeting and say the Legion Prayers as though Mary were there in person instead of just her statue? a
Do I deviate from the Legion system, forgetting that - to quote the Handbook - "The Legion wishes perfection of membership to be estimated according to exact adherence to its system. It deems a member to be a member to the degree to which he submits himself to the Legion system and no more." a
Do I realize that without adherence to the system, the Legion would probably have failed and been forgotten by now? a
In my fellow members, do I see Christ, remembering that they also are my neighbors? a
Do I take offense, and show it at the slightest criticism or suggestion regarding my work reports? a
Do I realize that over-sensitiveness on the part of a member makes the president's job more difficult? a
Do I show a disinclination to accept an assignment when it is not quite to my liking? a
Do I ever offer to accept a second assignment when another member's co-visitor is ill or away? a
Have I forgotten that sacrifice is an essential part of the apostolate and that in some lands, Legionaries have sacrificed liberty and even life itself? a
In making my work report, do I consider God's glory alone-and seek none for myself? a

On Legion Work

In visitations, do I make a point of introducing Mary into the conversation some time during every visitation?
Do I seek to make her better known and loved so that her Son may be better known and loved?
Do I propagate her rosary, and perhaps teach it if it is not known?
Do I, without pressure, make an effort to explain True Devotion when a suitable opportunity presents itself?
Do I realize that we come as representatives of our pastor and endeavor to induce those we visit to ascend at least one step in the spiritual life?
On visiting or talking with new Catholics, knowing that generally they know little about the Blessed Mother, do I try to explain her to them?  And why she is called Mediatrix of All Graces, Refuge of Sinners, Mother of Mercy, and Gate of Heaven?  Have I fallen into the habit of keeping her in the background, even though I know that Holy Mother Church teaches that there is no true Christianity without Mary, and that it has pleased God to make it so?
Knowing that she is the Mediatrix of All Graces, and to quote the Handbook, "as no one can even attempt the service of his neighbor other than in the company of Mary," do I frequently form the intention of doing all my work in her company, through her, with her, in her and for her?