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(Compiled from Legion of Mary Sources)


1. Infinite patience and sweetness must be lavished on a priceless soul.
2. Without humility, there can be no effective Legionary work.
3. As servants of Mary we must be genuine, merciful, sympathetic and dependable.
4. Those we visit are not numbers, but persons in whom we are deeply interested.
5. We do our visitation out of love for Christ, rather than in the spirit of philanthropy.
6. The Legionary must see Our Lord in both partner and neighbor.
7. We do not visit as equals; we visit as inferiors to our superiors.
8. We are not there in our own spiritual poverty but as the representatives of Mary and
    her Legion.
9. There are none so good that they may not be brought a great deal nearer to God.
10. The note of sternness must be banished from the Legionary mission.
11. Others may effect good by stronger methods, but for the Legionary there is only one
    way of doing God's work-the way of gentleness and sweetness.
12. We must ever be on the alert for opportunities to destroy the empire of sin, uproot its
    foundations, and plant on its ruins the standard of Christ the King.
13. Endeavor to raise the spiritual level of the whole community.
14. Our work is done quietly, unobtrusively, delicately.
15. A single sin prevented represents an infinite gain.
16. Each sinner converted to a good life will eventually represent many others marching
    behind him into heaven.
17. It must always be remembered that the work of the Lord will bear the Lord's own mark,
    the mark of the Cross.
18. Without the imprint of the Cross, the supernatural character of a work may be doubted.
19. The very circumstance which seems to prevent conditions from being ideal and spoil
    the prospects of our work, is not an obstacle to success but the requisite for success;
    not a flaw but a hallmark.
20. God has implanted the seed of love for Mary in every heart.
21. Mary is not a barrier to conversions. She is the Mother of grace and unity so that,
    without her, souls will not find their way.
22. Do good anywhere, and you do good everywhere.
23. It is a fundamental Legion principle that into every work should be thrown the best that
    we can give.
24. A fair number of souls are actually waiting for the first direct appeal to them.
25. The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist has only to be explained to people
    outside the Church to cause them to enter it.
(Compiled from Legion of Mary Sources)


1. Mary must be brought and taught to all, for she is their mother.
2. Walk hand-in-hand with Mary, filled with her spirit.
3. It is not enough to go about our work with vague good intention.
4. Our manner must preach humility in loud tones.
5. Our manner will be the first part of us that people meet.
6. Propose the Truth in a tactful way.
7. Get people into good humor and keep them in it.
8. Never forget that all Catholics are bound to be apostolic according to their capacity.
9. Be interested in them, in each individual one.
10. Let them see our love, and our willingness to do things for them.
11. Love those visited-there is no other key to real influence.
12. We cannot fail to edify by our cheerful practice of the apostolic life.
13. It is not for us to doubt our capacity to do great good.
14. Broken promises, missed appointments, unpunctuality, failures in charity of thought or
    word, little discourtesies and airs of superiority dig a trench between partners.
15. Persons will look for fault in those whom they observe to be active in the cause of
16. Permeate the community with Catholic principles and Catholic feeling, so that the evils
    die of themselves through lack of soil favorable to them.
17. To prevent a grave sin would justify most arduous labors-even the effort of a lifetime.
18. Our Lord, it will be noted, does not order that everyone be converted, but only that the
    approach be made to everyone.
19. Spread abroad the reign of the Sacraments and the popular devotions, and sin will
    melt away before you.
20. Timidity and human respect must be swallowed up in the supreme desire to share our
    gift of Faith with those who have it not.
21. Souls are being swept along in the rapid-flowing river of time. Delayed effort will gather
    in other souls but not those souls-the abyss of eternity will have enfolded them!
22. Persons outside the Church toss on a sea of doubt from which their hearts crave rest.
23. A respect for Catholics will unquestionably be followed by a respect for Catholicism.
24. If there is any reality in the talk of precious and eternal souls, there must be a
    readiness to pay a price of some sort for them.
25. If personal contact is necessary, not many cases can be dealt with by a pair of
    Legionaries. Therefore, for many conversions, many workers are required. Legionaries
    must be multiplied.

(Compiled from Legion of Mary Sources)

1. Every door opens to the humble and respectful Legionary.
2. Recollect yourself before approaching each home.
3. The home is the foundation of society, and it is important that the Church influence it.
    Yet we must remember that it is the sanctuary of society, and it is our privilege to be
    allowed in.
4. The gentle, sympathetic visitor, humbly asking admission to the homes at which he
    knocks, will be joyfully received.
5. Approach must be made cap-in-hand, showing the respect with which one would enter
    the palaces of the great.
6. Enter the home mindful of the dignity of each person within.
7. We are not there to ask a multitude of questions.
8. We are not there to lecture.
9. Tell them why we are visiting.
10. Get to know them by listening and encouraging them to talk.
11. We are not to force our point of view.
12. Do not irritate; do not contradict.
13. Every home should be viewed from the angle of rendering service.
14. We should offer to lend a hand if they are busy but not force our help upon them.
15. Do not speak about their neighbors whom you have visited.
16. Not a single person met should be left on the same level as when found.
17. Interest in the children provides opportunity for conversation.
18. Through the children, efficacious lessons may be addressed to the parents.
19. Even where deliberate rudeness is at work, a meek submission will turn to shame and
    produce its harvest at a later stage.
20. A want of simplicity in dress or accent will raise a barrier between us and those we
21. One's speech, dress, manner and conduct, however simple they may be, must never
    be such as to disedify.
22. Promote piety in the homes of the people by encouraging them to have crucifixes,
    statues and religious pictures, and to keep holy water in the house.
23. The home wherein the sacramentals of the Church are despised runs a great risk of
    gradually forsaking the Sacraments of the Church.
24. In a house which lacks a statue or a holy picture, children will find it hard to acquire the
    true and intimate character of the Faith.
25. Homes are not to be approached in the spirit of religious aggression, but for the
    purpose of establishing a footing of true friendship.

100 MEDITATION POINTS FOR LEGIONARY WORK(Compiled from Legion of Mary Sources)

1. Never ask prying questions, only loving, stimulating ones.
2. Getting ourselves liked summarizes Legionary methods.
3. Aim at listening instead of talking.
4. Phrase sentences in a non-threatening way.
5. We buy our right to utter one word to those we visit by listening to fifty words of theirs.
6. Listen in the spirit of Mary listening to her Son.
7. Our visits should be free of any patronizing attitude.
8. Be willing to do little acts of helpfulness on the visit.
9. Try to make each visit Catholic by bringing up the Mass, the Eucharist, the Mystical
    Body or Our Lady.
10. Keep to the core of doctrinal matters.
11. Give them ideas that will make a devastating impact on their mind.
12. Have in mind the possibility of bringing each Catholic into active Legion membership.
13. Go in the spirit of the third Standing Instruction.
14. Leave the door open for a return visit.
15. Sow the seeds of that eventual intimacy which will open the floodgates of knowledge
    and influence.
16. Impart new ideas, new devotions; enliven a routine.
17. Partners should have a unity such as that of David and Jonathan, whose souls were
    knit one with the other.
18. Be regarded as friends, in whom complete confidence can be reposed.
19. In distributing medals and scapulars and spreading devotion to them, channels are set
    up along which it is the will of God that grace will abundantly flow.
20. Truth in combating error never grows angry.
21. Our actions, as well as our words, must show forth one essential thing, that they are
    backed by a genuine belief.
22. Religion is spread by love and not in any other way. We take it only from those we
    think friendly to us.
23. Too much time is often spent on arguments which-even if they are proved-do not
    attract to the Church.
24. The aim in all discussion should be to make those outside the Church catch a glimpse
    of the treasures which are within.
25. Great good must be done to a great number, if possible; if not, then a great good to a
    smaller number; never be content to do a little good to a great number.